Thursday, March 29, 2012

BLOG HOP DAY #1 ~3/29/2012

wow i just finished my FIRST BLOG HOP ON making my rounds on all 19 of these crafty ladies . and let me tell you im exahusted but I can say I did enjoy todays BLOG HOP day#1 cant wait to see what you ladies have in store for tomorrow GREAT JOB!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1.Daisy Collins- 2.Tricia Colon- 3.Hannah Perry- 4.SuzeJo Murphy - 5.Michele ~ 6.Veronica ~ 7.Monica - 8.Maria Levine - 9.Karen - 10.Angela- 11.carrie corbin- 12.Shalana - 13.Jane Stillman - 14.Linda Simpson - 15.Kimberly - 16.Angela Deasy - 17.Martha Pineda- 18.Christina Capps- 19.Lisa Peters -

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